Primary BSME Writing Competition


BSME Writing competition :

This online competition will allow students to demonstrate their ideas and imagination through writing. The theme for the event is 'Wishing Tales' This could be a poem or a story about your wishes coming true, or going wrong. We have entered the 3 age categories;

Years 1 and 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6

Please see you teacher for more details

Silly Sock Day


Silly Sock Day:

Get ready to design and wear your silly socks on 27th, January. There will also be lots of fun activities throughout the day.

GES Career Day


Career Day :

On Thursday, 21st January children will learn about different career pathways and will also have a chance to dress up in clothes of their desired job. There will be interactive talks from guests from different workplaces and lots of fun activities.

In Secondary, there will be activities linked to careers within their lessons.

Science Week


Science Week:

Throughout the week, we will be looking at different topics, science related events and taking part in a range of science experiments and activities to engage and inspire all of our students and celebrate some amazing Scientific events from the past.

International Week


International Day:

International Week is full of colour and fun events. During this week students will learn about different countries and their cultures, tasting different foods and experience a day in the life of someone from their chosen country. More information will be posted in the newsletter.

National & Liberation Day


National and Liberation Days:

We will be celebrating the importance of these days within lessons through a range of planned activities. The Arabic Department will share more information within the weeks leading up to the event.

Silly Sock Day


Silly Sock Day was a fantastic success again this year. The children showcased their Art skills and produced some lovely sock puppets, paintings and drawings. Here are some of the fantastic designs, ranging from KG to Year 6. 


Sock day
Sock day
Sock day
Sock day
Sock day
Sock day

Career Day


The children dressed up as their dream profession for careers day and were treated to a range of talks from professionals from a range of different jobs. They were able to ask questions and were invited, virtually into several work places to gain an insight into a day on the life of a doctor, dentist, engineer and banker to name a few. 


Career day
Career day
Career day
Career day

Science Week


Science Week (sometimes National Science Week) refers to series of science-related events for the general public which are held in a specific countries during a designated week of the year. The aim of such science weeks is to engage and inspire people of all ages with science, engineering and technology.



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