The School would like to share important information to help prepare new overseas hires for their transition to GES and to Kuwait.


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Dear Candidate,


Many thanks for accepting Offer of Employment with Gulf English School. We would like to officially welcome you to Gulf English School, Kuwait.


Following are the On-Boarding Procedures to ease your transition. We expect this could help you to complete the documentation and procedures. Please be aware that the mentioned processes are mandatory to be completed before you enter Kuwait and should take place in your Home Country. Also, we will be waiting for the missing documents as requested earlier. Please send us a clear scanned copy (photos not preferred) as unclear copies will not be accepted by the ministry.


Step 1: Employment Contract:


Please notify us your nearest International Airport at your Home Country and  Home country address (Correct Full Name, Street Address, City, Country, Postal Code and at least two Contact Numbers with the Country Code) in order to prepare your Employment Contract. Also, note that this Airport Name will be mentioned in your Employment Contract and we shall be initiating your Bookings for joining and summer vacation together (round trip as per the school calendar). There shall not be any change accepted on the later stage as we have to move forward based on your initial confirmation. Once we have received the confirmation on the Airport, we shall proceed with the Employment Contract.


Please email us the details at the earliest and we shall forward you the Employment Contract accordingly.


Step 2: Educational Certificate Attestation:


Please be noted that you need to notarize your educational certificates from a lawyer and then attest your Original Educational Certificates (Bachelor Degree and Master Degree) through FCO for UK Nationals and Ministry of Social Affairs for other Overseas Nationals. It should be authenticated from the country that you have completed and issued the degree certificate.


NOTE: As per Kuwait Labor law, it is mandatory to attest your Bachelor’s Degree.


This process should be initiated immediately right after the receipt of the Employment Contract.


Step 3: CRB/DBS/Police Clearance Check:


Please be noted that this Certificate is Valid only for 3 Months in Kuwait and please do not apply for it immediately.


We shall notify you to start with your CRB/ DBS/ Police Clearance Check once we get your Initial Approval from Ministry of Education in Kuwait.

You need to complete CRB/DBS, which has to be attested by FCO for UK Nationals, Ministry of Social Affairs for Other Overseas Nationals.


Step 4: Medical Check:


Please be noted that Medicals is Valid only for 3 Months in Kuwait and please do not apply for it immediately.


We shall notify you to start with your Medical Check once we get your Initial Approval from Ministry of Education in Kuwait.

(Generally; In case of candidate arriving Kuwait on NOC/ Work Visa, candidate requires HIV Test Certificate, Hepatitis B & C (HBV, HCV), Malaria, Filarisis, Syphilis (all from one blood test) and chest x-ray, Pregnancy test (for females). These documents are required to process your NOC at the Kuwait Embassy.


Please undergo your Medical checks after referring with Kuwait Embassy in your Home Country in regards to the types of test that you need to undergo and to gets information on the nearest approved clinic/hospital for the tests.


Step 5: NOC/Work Visa:


Simultaneously we are in the process of NOC (No Objection Certificate)/Work Visa application in Kuwait. The process includes Initial Approval from MOE and followed by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labors. Once the approval process is completed, we shall send your NOC/Work Visa to your Home Country address through Courier.


Please make sure to give us Correct Full Name, Street Address, City, Country, Postal Code and at least two Contact Numbers with the Country Code. (Please send this is to us at the earliest)


Step 6: Receipt of NOC/Work Visa:


Once you have received your Original NOC/Work Visa through Courier, please notify us.


Step 7: Final Stage:


Now you are ready to approach Kuwait Embassy in your Home Country to finalize the rest procedures. Once you have all the paper works completed that the Kuwait Embassy required (step 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) with your original passport you may either sent it to the Kuwait Embassy in Postal/Courier/in Person/through an agency. Please carry/send all the originals to Kuwait Embassy.



If your Maiden name is on your Certificates (if applicable), please carry your Marriage Certificate along with you to show the name in Kuwait Embassy.


Kuwait Embassy in your Home Country will check and verify the submitted documents and stamp the NOC/Work Visa on your Passport after which you shall be ready to travel to Kuwait.


Step 8: Confirmation:


Once you have a final confirmation that the Kuwait Embassy in your Home Country has completed the process, kindly scan and send all your documents to me to proceed further (Step 2 to 7).


Step 9: Booking Travel Ticket:


Once we have received the copies (as mentioned in Step 8) we shall initiate the Joining Ticket booking for you. Also, we shall forward the travel itinerary details to your given email address.


Also, be noted that travel date for next Academic Year will be 24th and 25th August 2018.


Last but not the least; please be informed that all the attestation and documents which stated above are mandatory to complete your Residency process in Kuwait and expecting your fullest support to complete the same.


Hope this information will be helpful for your transition and a smooth onboarding with our school. Please feel free to revert for any kinds of clarification or query in this regards and I am happy to assist you at the earliest possible time.


Looking forward to see you in the next Academic Year.


Best Regards,

HR Team.


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