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KS3 Curriculum Overview


The KS3 curriculum is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between that of the KS2 and KS4 curriculums.  It, therefore, builds on the accumulated knowledge, experience and skills that exists at the end of year 6 and prepares students for the challenges to be faced in year 10 when they begin to study for the all-important external examinations, that is IGCSEs.  All of our teachers and team leaders are well aware of the void between KS2 and KS4 and together have created a three-year programme of study that is progressive in terms of the sequence and level of difficulty in which subject material is taught.  Student progression is carefully monitored via regular topic assessments and the formal end of term exams. Moreover, through tracking and monitoring of student progress from such assessments, we are able to tailor the needs more closely to each student via intervention programmes.



KS 4 and 5 Curriculum Overview


There is an overriding influence on the content, levels and pace of delivery of these curriculums by the external examination boards.  Despite this, the subject teachers and Heads of Department have fashioned this Curriculum in light of the student needs at GES.  By doing this we aim to ensure a successful outcome.  Over the years our track record of excellent student achievements suggests that the design of the curriculum is a suitable one.  By the time students get to Year 10 they have begun to decide which career pathways they would like to pursue.  The options system allows them to have a bespoke timetable and therefore curriculum which will maximize their chances of being accepted for any University of their choice.


IGCSE Core Curriculum


All students in Key Stage 4 will study the following:


• English Language

• Mathematics

• Science Choice from 1, 2 or all 3 (IGCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

• Arabic

• Religion


IGCSE Optional Subjects, from which students may select subjects


• Art

• Business Studies

• Computer Science

• Drama

• Economics

• Geography

• History

• Information Communication Technology

• Music


Students: Choosing your IGCSE Optional Subjects


When making your IGCSE Options choices, it is important to consider the impact your choices may have on your future educational and career path. Senior Staff, your Head of Year and your Form Tutor will provide significant guidance in this respect. As you move into Key Stage 4, there will be an on-going series of discussions relating to Higher Education and career planning.


It is important, too, that your decisions focus on the subject itself and are not influenced by your friends’ perspectives or the personality of a teacher who has taught you previously in that subject. There is no guarantee that the particular teacher will be available to teach you for the whole or even part of the course.


You are advised to reflect seriously on your skills and abilities, your genuine preferences, your future aspirations and the recommendations and views of your teachers. Please do not be anxious if you are uncertain at this stage of your future direction; guidance will be provided for you to ensure that your choices are appropriate.


However, it is possible that your choices may not be possible and may have to be revised. In such cases, individual discussions with you and your parents will be arranged.


Please note that, if a very small number of students opt for a particular subject, it may become uneconomic in staffing terms and we may be obliged to withdraw the subject for this year. Although extremely rare, this situation has previously arisen.




We will provide all the help that we can to ensure that students choose what is right for their future needs. Students must ensure that they take full advantage of the guidance offered so that they make the right choices.


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