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GES accepts applications from well-qualified teaching and administrative staff with a minimum of:


  • A bachelor’s degree (specific to the position); master’s degree preferred

  • A teaching license, certification or diploma

  • At least two years of experience in the specialty for which they seek a position.


GES seeks individuals with the following qualities:



  • Commitment to making the Mission of the school a reality.

  • Commitment to school values and direction.

  • Commitment to serving children’s needs in a selfless manner.

  • Dedicated to professional standards and open to change.

  • Pride, consistency and initiative in carrying out all professional responsibilities.

  • Commitment to developing the whole child by actively modeling character and engaging in student activities.

  • Involvement in professional development, school and staff development initiatives, committees and workshops, strategic planning and curriculum mapping.

  • Commitment to high standards of professional behavior and communication.

  • Commitment to attaining clearly articulated standards for understandings and abilities; teaching for meaning; stressing higher order thinking skills, not ‘basic skills’ alone.



How to apply:


1. Recruitment Fairs:

Each year School team attend several international recruitment job fairs organized by TES Global in UK, other job fairs in Ireland & in addition to other university career fairs in the Middle East. Our recruiting schedule may change from year to year. Explore the recruiting agencies’ websites to check the cities and our school representation each year.

2. Vacancies Posted on Recruitment Agency Websites:

Vacancies are listed on the TES Global website and the websites of any recruiting job fairs that the school decides to attend that year. Shortlisted applicants are interviewed at job fairs in the UK, Ireland or Kuwait during the recruiting months. In some cases, interviews can also be conducted via Skype prior to the job fairs.


3. Vacancies Sub-Menu on the GES website:

Vacancies and criteria for all openings are listed on the school’s website as and when they arise. Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and resume through the link provided on the Vacancies page beginning November each year. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by email in January or February, or earlier if the need arises, for personal interviews on the school premises or interviews via Skype. Visit the school’s website starting November 1 to learn about the openings for the following year. Note: these vacancies may change from November to January, so keep track of the changes by visiting our website frequently during this period.

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