Sandra Harris

School Manager

Sally Ghebar

Head of Early Years

Monica Berto

Head of Primary

Head of Secondary


Grant Best



Art and Design

Business Studies, ICT, Economics and Computer Science


English and French






Physical Education


Ms Noha Firaj

Mr Mohammed Abdul Haq

Ms Lorraine Cavanagh

Ms Kate Cureton

Ms Daniela Filip

Mr Paul Croft

Ms Jeanette Jones

Mr Munther Ibrahim

Ms Jennifer Ivory

Ms Leanne Job

Mr Matthew Roach

Mr Simon Phillips


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11/12

Ms Dolores Powell

Ms Mariam Bazi

Ms Kayleigh Reddy

Ms Mollie Convery

Mr Nav Karl

Gemma Trickett

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Seema Syed

Deputy Head KS 1

Deputy Head KS 2

Clare Wise

Deputy Head KS 4 and 5


Monica Berto

Head of Secondary

Born in Italy, raised in London, worked in education in Italy, UK, Qatar, and now Kuwait. Have one son at university in England. More than seventeen years’ experience as a proactive and dynamic leader - curriculum and pastoral - with commitment, vision, passion and belief that every child can reach their potential to be the best that they can be.  Over 30 years’ experience as a teacher with proven track record of added value with exam results well above the UK national average. Passionate about children’s learning, passionate about children’s wellbeing and happiness when they are under our charge at school.

Welcome message


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Gulf English School of Kuwait where we are committed in nurturing every child, in imbuing them with curiosity and a love for learning that lasts their whole lifetime, in instilling in them the confidence to ask questions, the confidence to try out new skills, the confidence to be who they are, to realise that each one of our students is unique and valued as a member of our school community and to leave our school with the sense of self-worth to be global citizens ready for the many exciting challenges our ever constantly changing world will throw at them.

Our Secondary school follows the British National Curriculum which offers a rigorous yet broad learning experience for our students which has recently changed in order to raise standards in learning to compete with the rest of the world. We offer learning in key stages: 3, 4 and 5 in well equipped classrooms. Our teachers are all well qualified and committed to giving their best in inspiring, in supporting and in teaching our students, and in celebrating their achievements. IGCSE and AS results are very good in comparison to the UK national average with many students reaching the top grades, with many going on to study at universities in places such as the UK, USA, Kuwait and Canada.

Learning takes place predominantly in the classroom, although we offer local and international school trips to help further enhance the learning experience. In addition, the Secondary school offers academic and vocational after school clubs with the added value of helping our students to develop skills in resilience, confidence, and team work especially when representing the school in sporting events.

Our school places emphasis on caring and trusting, honest relationships through everyday exchanges between students and staff and through the Student Representative Council where the representatives meet weekly to discuss issues close to their heart and where such students plan and implement many exciting activities such as a bake sale for charity, or book week costume and classroom door competitions involving as much of the whole school community as possible. In addition to this, a programme of Personal, Health and Social Education is provided to all students of Key Stage 3 where issues such as how to be a good friend, how to develop resilience, how to be a kind and considerate person, how to learn how to study more effectively are discussed and ideas shared so as to help develop the student holistically, socially and academically.

In essence, our school is a place where students are happy, feel safe and feel valued for their contributions however big or small and where it’s fun to be at GES.


Gemma Trickett

Head of Primary

I am a fully qualified teacher and have experience teaching both Physical Education and Science. I have 15 years’ experience in teaching in a school in the UK and have 5 years’ experience at Senior Leadership level. My last role of  Assistant Head teacher for inclusion involved many different roles and responsibilities such as, Behaviour and Attendance, Child protection Officer, Achievement in year 11, Line manager to two faculties across the school.  I managed the whole school’s pastoral team and student well-being. I am also a qualified SENCO .

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies, a Post graduate Certificate in Education for Physical Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs (SENCO)

I am a well-motivated and highly driven teacher who is committed to the development and ethos of the school and its community.

I value the role of the classroom teacher highly and I am always seeking new ways of delivering the curriculum in a challenging and engaging manner to motivate pupils into taking responsibility for their own learning and their own successes. The goal of my teaching, and centre of my teaching philosophy, is active learning. I truly believe that knowledge gained through active participation is knowledge that will stay with an individual.

I enjoy travelling , keeping fit and playing field hockey.


Clare Wise

Deputy Head KS 4 and 5

Clare began her teaching career in West Yorkshire after graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics with QTS. Here, she held various teaching and leadership positions and worked with several schools on improving teaching and learning. On moving to the Middle East, Clare continued to work in different secondary schools in many different countries. She is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management with the University of Bath and achieved NPQSL whilst in the UK. Clare joined Gulf English School Kuwait in 2017 as Deputy Head teacher with areas of responsibility including pastoral and academic matters within KS4 and 5, timetabling, curriculum, examinations and teaching and learning.



Deputy Head KS 2

Grant began his teaching career in Hampshire after graduating from the University of East Anglia with a PGCE in Primary with History Specialism. He had previously worked in Personnel and Area Management following his graduation from Goldsmith's London with a BA(Hons) in History. Grant held a variety of positions with Leadership responsibilities in UK schools prior to moving to the Middle East where he continued to grow his leadership skills including completing his MSc in Management & Finance in 2018.Grant re-joined Gulf English School in 2018 as the Deputy Head of KS2.


Seema Syed

Deputy Head KS 1

I am an experienced, innovative and resourceful Primary school teacher with a proven track record of yielding exceptional results. I have extensive experience in a state funded British school in London where I was graded an outstanding teacher by demonstrating a commitment to promote and maintain the ‘every child matters’ policy.

I hold a BSC in Computing with Business Management and a PGCE. I have also obtained certificates in Leadership and Mentoring. I pride myself in being a confident, strategic planner, consistent in utilising child data as a basis for developing tailored activities across the curriculum, resulting in exciting and memorable learning experiences.

I have extensive training of working with a high number of EAL (English as an additional Language) children including many whose first language is Arabic. I like to maintain a positive approach and attitude in any busy and challenging environment. Being a strong team player, committed to good practice and innovation, I have never failed to build a positive rapport with children, colleagues and parents. Leading and developing a ‘family learning programme’ further enhanced my profile amongst the community.

My colleagues had elected me ‘Teacher Governor,’ which gave me a holistic view of what makes an outstanding school. Assessment and Data tracking across Primary was entrusted unto me, which met and highly satisfied OFSTED standards.   Becoming head of department for ICT and Maths by no means limited my expertise in just these subjects. Through my teaching skills I achieved impressive results in progressing children in their ‘writing skills.’  My leadership qualities have kept me at the forefront in managing projects for gifted and talented students as well as those with other special needs. Through possessing sound knowledge and experience of developing a ‘creative curriculum’ that promotes a cross curricular approach to teaching, meaningful differentiation and ample enriched learning opportunities for all children is of my highest importance.

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