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Meet Our Team

Secondary Leadership

Secondary Leadership Team

Head Teacher
John McGrath.jpg

Mr John McGrath

Head of Secondary

Hello, my name is John McGrath. I have been working in GES since 2021

After completing my BA at UCRYSJ and then my Initial Teacher Training at Newcastle University, I began my career as a History and Geography teacher in 1994. In 2018, having spent 24 years as a teacher and school leader in a variety of different Secondary Schools in the North of England, I decided to move to Kuwait and have spent the last three year working as a Vice-Principal in an American School in the city before joining GES.

I believe that being a teacher is not just a job but also a privilege. Being able to be part of a child’s progression each day and seeing them grow to become young adults ready to explore and succeed in the world brings as much joy and satisfaction now as it has always. 

I look forward to meeting you all as I continue to be part of the GES family

Deputy Heads
Paul Luijting.jpeg

Deputy Head of Secondary - Pastoral

My name is Mr Paul Luijting and as many of you know I'm from the Netherlands. I am currently assisting Mr John as Deputy Head with a focus on Pastoral in addition to my position as Business Teacher.

After my education in mechanical engineering and business management, I started my own company and that is how I came into contact with Kuwait. After obtaining the necessary papers, I have chosen to enthuse the youth, our future, for entrepreneurship as a Business Teacher. Making progress together as a Team gives me satisfaction.

I like to contribute to a safe and trusted learning environment, where the students are central and we all take that extra step every day to achieve our goals together as a Team. One Team, One Task. #WeAreGES

Mr Hamaad Shaa.JPG

Having qualified with a BSc (Hons) Mathematics and then a PGCE, I ventured out to Kuwait in 2016 as a Mathematics Teacher. I have been at Gulf English School since 2019; first as Head of Mathematics, and now as the Deputy Head of Secondary to Mr McGrath - tasked with developing academia at GES.

Deputy Head of Secondary- Academic

Head of Year

Heads of Year

  Head of Year

HEAD of YEAR 7- Zahra Hamadi.jpg

Ms Zahraa Hamadi

Head of Year 7

Ms Magy.JPG

Ms Magy Lewis

Head of Year 10

Head of year 8 - Princess Oyebanjo.jpg

Ms Princess Oyebanjo

Head of Year 8

Head of year 11 - Albert Chuma.jpg

Mr Albert Chuma

Head of Year 11

Head of year 9 - Michka Walters.jpg

Ms Michka Walters

Head of Year 9

Paul Luijting.jpeg

Mr Paul Luijting

Head of Year 12-13

  Head of Departments

Head of Science - Alex Nunn.jpg

Ms Alex Nunn

Head of Science

Mr Hamaad Shaa.JPG

Mr Hamaad Shah

Head of Maths

Head of Islamic - Munther Ibrahim.jpg

Mr Munther Ibrahim

Head of Islamic

Head of ICT-Business - Kamal Abdulrahman.png

Mr Kamal Abdulrahman

Head of ICT/Business

Head of Arabic - Saeed Al-Balshi.jpg

Mr Saeed Al-Balshi

Head of Arabic

Head of Creative - Performance - Anaya Hamad.jpg

Ms Anaya Hamad

Head of Creative / Performance

Ms Daniela Filip

Ms Daniela Filip

Head of Languages

Mr Evans.jpg

Mr Evans Lusasi

Head of Humanities

Exam Officer - John Gorrie.jpg

Mr John Gorrie

Exam Officer

Exam Officer - Nav Karl.jpg

Mr Nav Karl

Exam Officer

Students Support

Ms Nada.JPG

Our school secretary is an invaluable member of our team, ensuring smooth operations and providing support with efficiency and care.

Email -

Ms Nada Yassen

Secondary secretary

Student Support

In Gulf English School my job as a Pastoral Coordinator is being responsible for the overall well-being and support of students. I work closely with students, teachers, and parents to address personal, social, and emotional needs.
The coordinator provides guidance and counselling to students, helps manage behaviour and discipline, and promotes a positive school culture.

Ms Kholoud Basim

Pastoral coordinator

Ms Haneen.png

Ms Haneen


Welcome! My name is Ms. Haneen and I come from Toronto, Canada. I have almost a decade of experience working in Education and helping students achieve their optimal state. I have the opportunity of working with students through classroom lessons, small group and individual counselling. I also collaborate with staff and parents in order to best meet the needs of the students.  

With evidence based approaches, my goal is to help students better understand themselves; feel happier, and more fulfilled as an individual. I see counselling as a joint venture where our knowledge and skills are combined to create solutions.  A good counsellor-student relationship includes trust, authenticity, freedom and positive outcomes. The most rewarding thing for me is seeing students utilise the skills we discuss. It is a great feeling to know that I am equipping students with the skills to become their own self

Ms Najla Kaidbey.jpg

Ms Najla Kaidbey

Academical counsellor

My name is Najla Kaidbey, an Academic Counsellor at Gulf English School. The Academic Counsellor plays a crucial role in supporting students' academic growth, providing guidance, and helping them navigate their educational journey.


My goal is to assist students in making informed decisions about their course selections, educational goals and future career paths. Moreover, I provide one-to-one counselling sessions to help students explore their interests, strengths and aspirations, as well as offer guidance on appropriate academic pathways that align with their goals. After liaising with teachers, leaders and parents, I am able to create personalised academic plans, address academic challenges and monitor students' progress throughout their academic journey. 

Please feel free to contact me any time.


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