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Gulf English School provides the highest standards of British Education within an Arabic culture and international environment.


All staff at Gulf English School aim to create a safe, caring and happy community in which our children learn to meet, with confidence, the challenge of their future.

All of our Leaders and staff recognize the value of learning and have pride in, and are committed to developing high achieving learners. This is inspired through the culture of independent learning, everyone is expected to push the boundaries of their potential through dedication to personal best. We aim to instill in all our pupils a commitment to lifelong education and training so that they may acquire the knowledge, competencies and qualifications for working in a highly technological society.

Students will be happy and safe within a stimulating, well ordered and challenging environment, which promotes a community ethos. A climate of mutual respect, the desire to achieve, combined with excellent attendance will create confident, articulate young people determined to be creative, enterprising and to show initiative. The school promotes high standards of behaviour, good manners and honesty.

We teach them to communicate successfully and work both independently and within teams.  We believe that the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of education are of paramount importance to our students and the community at large appreciation of the aesthetic, physical and cultural dimensions of life which promotes a stimulating and culturally aware environment.

Embracing change, we will enhance the achievement of our young people, creating a generation intent on lifelong learning and on making a difference to the quality of their lives and to the lives of others.


Entry to GES

Entry to GES


  • Admission to GES is selective and due to the large number of applications, very competitive. Most of GES students have been high achievers, talented and have the desire to contribute to the success of GES's remarkable community of excellent.

  • We select students based on their past school records, letters of recommendations and also students should pass standardized test which determines their level in mathematics, English language and reading. Completed applications and tests are reviewed by Heads and school Director to select the best possible students for GES.



  • Submit the application form which is available at school and at GES website.

  • Book entrance test appointment

  • After approval, you will receive an approval letter to submit it to the previous school so that you will receive the transferring documents.

  • If a child has no previous school, you will receive a letter to the governmental clinic in order to create health file for the child.

  • You will be requested to reserve a place by paying a 100KD deposit.

  • Age Requirements:

  • PreKg must be 3 years old by 15 September

  • KG students must be 3 years and 6 months old by 15 September

  • Receptions students must be 4 years 6 months by 15 September.

  • Starting from Year 1 up to Year 12, registration based on the student's reports and attendance certificates.


  Required Documents

  • 3 passport size photo of a child

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • Copy of guardian/ father, mother and student civil ID card.

  • Copy of father’s / guardian's nationality (for Kuwaitis only)

  • Copy of both the father's/ guardian's and student's passport (All students)

  • Copy of student's residency page (for non-Kuwaitis)

  • Copy of school last academic report (Reception to Year 3 students)

  • Copies of school report for the last three academic years from the previous school (Year 4 to Year 12 students)

  • The following documents should be provided from the previous school after our school’s acceptance:

  • Reference Form from the previous school

  • (Year 7 to Year 12 students)

  • Transfer certificate

  • Fees clearance from the previous school

  • Student's academic file.

  • School Health card (from the previous school or from the public clinic)

  • The new student from a school outside Kuwait should provide last academic report and transfer certificate stamped by Kuwait Embassy and Ministry of Foreign affairs from the country they come from. 

School Fees

Tuition Fees 2023 - 2024

GES FEES 2023 - 2024.jpg
  • The deposit fee once paid is not refundable and secures the place until the first of Sept.

  • The first installment of the fees should be paid in full, before the commencement of the new academic year.

  • The fees structure may change depending of Ministry of Education approval

  • If a student attends school during a term, full term fee will be charged irrespective of number of days attended. If student cancel during the term, full term fees are to be paid

  • Application for withdrawals or cancellation during the school year should be made in the prescribed form at least 15 days before the date of leaving. Students transferring to other schools inside Kuwait should also provide approval letter from the new school.

  • Transfer certificate will be issued only after all dues have been paid and any school property taken on loan has returned.

Enrolment Form

Admission Form

Welcome to the Gulf English School Admission Form. Kindly follow the below steps in completing the admission process.

1) Download the Admission Form. For English   For Arabic

2) Complete the required details in the admission Form.

3) Send the completed document to

Required documents. For English   For Arabic

Note:- The Registration Department will contact you to schedule the pupil's interview/test.

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