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School Events

Sports Day

Sports Day

Our PE department maximises the benefits of the nearby park by organising our annual Sports Days for each year group. This event allows children to participate in team-based competitions, earning points and fostering a sense of teamwork. Parents are warmly invited to attend and spectate, creating a memorable and enjoyable day for everyone involved.

Special Weeks

We take pride in hosting a diverse range of learning weeks that enable us to explore various areas of the curriculum through innovative and creative lessons. These themed weeks provide unique opportunities to deepen students' understanding and engagement across different subjects, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Special Week

  International Week

International week is a great opportunity to celebrate a multitude of different cultures from around the world. Each class chooses a country to study and learns about food, clothing, celebrations, dances and songs from those countries. At the end of the week, we host International Assemblies for each year group where classes perform something related to their country of study for their peers.

  Science Week

Science Week at Gulf English School offers an immersive experience dedicated to science activities, investigations and fostering scientific inquiry. 


It provides students with valuable opportunities to develop and practise a wide range of skills and attributes. These include communication, collaboration, teamwork, perseverance, as well as analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills. 


Science Week is a platform for students to engage with hands-on learning and develop a deeper appreciation for the wonders of science.

  Maths Week

Maths Week is a dedicated week aimed at cultivating students' engagement and enthusiasm for mathematics. Through fun and exciting activities and challenges, we strive to foster an interest and love for the wonderful world of numbers, shapes and problem-solving. 

This immersive experience ignites curiosity and promotes a positive attitude towards mathematics, helping children see it not just as a subject, but as a fascinating and enjoyable hobby.

  Book Week

Book Week is an exciting time dedicated to promoting a love of reading across the school. Through a variety of engaging activities, children are encouraged to delve into different characters, explore exciting story settings and participate in Book Week themed competitions. 


One of the highlights is the book character parade, where students bring their favourite literary characters to life. Book Week fosters a vibrant reading culture and celebrates the joy and imagination found within the pages of a book.

  Anti Bullying Week

At Gulf English School, we place a heavy focus on kindness, inclusion, tolerance and respect for others. We follow the same dates for Anti Bullying week as set forth by the UK and stick to the same themes followed in the UK. Some of the themes have included ‘One Kind Word’, ‘Ditch the Label’ and ‘Reach Out’.


We prioritise fostering kindness, inclusion, tolerance and respect for others. During Anti-Bullying Week, we align with the dates and themes set forth by the UK, emphasising the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for all. 


Themes such as 'One Kind Word', 'Ditch the Label' and 'Reach Out' have been explored to raise awareness and encourage positive interactions among our students. Together, we strive to promote a culture of empathy and stand against bullying in all its forms.

Activity Days

We believe in infusing learning with fun and excitement through our ‘Activity Days’ held throughout the year. 

Some of the engaging activities we include in our school year are

Activity Day

   Pink Day

Pink Day

   Pyjama Day

Pyjama Day

   Careers Day

Careers Day

   Silly Sock

Silly Sock

   Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day

   Colour Days

Colour Day

Performing Arts

We are known for our performances, concerts and productions, which foster student confidence, language skills and creativity. 


These events provide valuable opportunities for talent showcase, communication development and personal growth. We pride ourselves in creating a supportive environment that nurtures students' confidence and linguistic capabilities.

Performing Arts

  Pre KG and KG concert

In Pre KG and KG, students participate in year group concerts that revolve around exciting themes. Each class learns a song and dance routine to perform, as well as group songs to sing together. 


Past themes have included The Greatest Showman, Nursery Rhymes and A Very Musical concert. These concerts provide a platform for our young students to showcase their talents, teamwork and enthusiasm, while bringing these captivating themes to life through music and performance.

  National Day Celebrations

Every year, our Arabic and Islamic departments organise a remarkable National Day concert to commemorate Kuwait's Independence and Liberation.

Representing each year group, a talented selection of students take the stage to deliver captivating performances, including songs, dances and short sketches. 
This concert serves as a proud celebration of Kuwait's rich cultural heritage and allows our students to showcase their talents and pay homage to Kuwait’s significant milestones.

Pre KG & KG Concert
National Day
International Week

  International Week Assemblies

Fostering cultural appreciation and respect for other cultures and nationalities is a core focus at our school. During our International Week, each class selects a country to celebrate and learn about. Students enthusiastically learn songs, dances and sketches that represent their chosen country, showcasing their cultural diversity and talent in front of their year groups. 


This week-long celebration promotes a global perspective, encourages intercultural understanding and celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures within our school community.


We joyously celebrate the graduation of our students in Reception. This ceremony marks an important milestone in their educational journeys and is a testament to their hard work, growth and accomplishments. 


We honour and celebrate the achievements of our Reception students as they transition to the next phase of their education. These graduation ceremonies are cherished moments for our students, their families, and our school community.

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