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School Life

EYFS Facilities

Our Facilities

Gulf English School takes pride in its spacious building, equipped with numerous features that facilitate the effective delivery of the National Curriculum. 

  • Interactive panels in all classrooms

  • Three fully furnished ICT suites

  • Three music rooms offering a wide range of instruments

  • A drama studio

  • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts and gymnasium

  • Indoor, 25-meter heated swimming pool

  • Breakout areas for practical learning

  • School canteen offering a wide range of food and drink

  • A mosque

  • School clinic

  • A large hall for productions and assemblies

  • A large playground with age-appropriate climbing equipment

  • An extra outdoor playground for EYFS students

  • A soft play room for EYFS students


These facilities provide our students with a conducive environment to excel in various areas of the curriculum and engage in enriching activities.

School Trips

School Trips

We believe in enriching and expanding the curriculum by organising a variety of out-of-school trips for our students. These trips provide valuable opportunities for students to explore tools, environments and learning experiences that are not readily available within the school setting. Our trips offer unique educational experiences beyond the classroom.

  • Build a Bear

  • Kuwait Towers

  • Play Boulevard

Scientific Center

   Scientific Center


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