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Reception teacher We have only one Arabic teacher teaching reception and early ages Arabic letters in a fun way using colors and drawing and she consider one of the best.


2nd Primary Ministry Arabic:


We have 16 teachers in total 8 of them are teaching year 1,2 & 3 and another 8 + HOD who are teaching year 4 ,5 & 6.


They all studying Ministry curriculum called ( Alkefayat ) which is not depending on the textbook but helping student’s and training them for independent thinking using life skills all plans coming from ministry supervised by ministry inspections.


3rd Primary AFL Arabic & IFL Islamic studies:


We have 2 teachers in this section one for year 1,2 & 3 and another one for year 4,5 & 6 they both teach Arabic and religion for the non-Arabic speaker.


The curriculum depends on books for KS1 & KS2 Edexcel for Arabic and CIE for Religion


4th Primary Ministry Religion:


We have 5 teachers who are teaching all year groups and their curriculum also relate to (Alkefayat)supper vised by HOD that supervised primary and secondary teacher. All plans coming from ministry supervised by ministry inspections.


5th Secondary Ministry Arabic


Ministry Arabic that we teach to all year groups from 7 to 11 but for year 7 they study year 8 book in Arabic and religion this known by ministry as the students in GES should only finished 11 years of education and that step do not have any different or effect to make students miss anything as it’s all covered during years of studying especially grammar.


Fast track students in year 10 and year 11 are allowed in Arabic and religion to study different subjects that ministry provide for them which comes as follow.


  • Edexcel

  • CIE

  • GCSE 2nd language Arabic.

  • AS Arabic.

  • A2 Arabic.

  • IG first language Arabic.

  • IG Islamiyat


All Edexcel exams and CIE coming from London to our school as GES consider a CENTER for both of them.

All exams send to London they mark it and send exam result to our school exam officer.


We have expert teaching members whose results through years were the top in Kuwait. We have 9 Arabic teachers in total 3 of them who are teaching IG, GCSE, AS & A2.


6th Islamic studies Ministry:


We have three teachers + HOD teaching all year groups the books 7 plans coming from ministry supervised by ministry inspector.